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Cooking Appliance

Hire us for quick and easy cooktop repair in Sydney

Smart Appliance Services provide technicians who are certified and fully equipped to repair all major and minor faults in your cooktops at an affordable rate. Whether your stove is not heating or you are smelling gas, you can count on us for every problem.

When it comes to cooktops and ovens, there are a number of mechanical things that can go wrong. But as the cooktops are vital to your daily life, you need to get the problems fixed as soon as possible. Our services for cooktop repair in Sydney provide a quick and easy fix to your problem.

We are committed to maintain the manufacturer’s high quality of engineering standards and will work with both gas and electric cooktops

We pride ourselves on hiring the best technicians with extensive training and years of experience under their belt. We assure you that your cooktop repair in Sydney would be carried out by our licensed technicians.

Broken equipment not only causes problems in your daily life, but they can also prove to be harmful. For the safety of your family, we advise you not to tackle the problem by yourself. Instead, give us a call and we would get the cooktop to its original condition in no time.

We offer repair service on all major cooktop brands

Regardless of the make and model of your cooktop, we guarantee to solve your issue in the simplest manner. We have the spare parts for all types of cooktops so you won’t have to worry about buying anything by yourself. Once we have completed the repair, we test the appliance to make sure that it is working correctly.

When to call us?

If you own an electric cooktop and you are experiencing the following issues with your cooktop, you need to call us right away:

  • Some elements don’t turn on
  • Circuit trips when you turn the power on
  • The top glass is cracked
  • Heat isn’t distributed evenly
  • The fan is excessively noisy

On the other hand, if you use a gas cooktop, you can experience these faults:

  • Burner doesn’t ignite
  • Jammed gas knob
  • You can smell gas
  • Ignition spark will not turn off
  • Obstruction in the gas line
  • No spark is obtained when gas knob is activated

Contact Us

For a faster and reliable cooktop repair in Sydney, give us a call right away. Contact us at +61 433140055.